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Default Re: Euroleague Scoring Champion List

Originally Posted by Iceman#44

Let'see: we got actually 5 players who were Euroleague scoring champion 1 year and then they play in NBA the next year.

Peja Stojakovic:
97-98 (Euroleague Scoring champion): 20.9 ppg
98-99 (Nba): 8.4 ppg
TOT: -12.5

Predrag Danilovic:
94-95 (Euroleague scoring champ): 22.1 ppg
95-96 (Nba): 13.4 ppg
TOT: -8.7

Charles Smith
04-05 (Euroleague scoring champ): 20.6 ppg
05-06 (NBA): 3.6 ppg
TOT: -17.0

Juan Carlos Navarro
06-07 (Euroleague scoring champ): 16.7 ppg
07-08 (NBA): 10.9 ppg
TOT: -5.8

Linas Kleiza
09-10 (Euroleague scoring champ): 17.1 ppg
10-11 (NBA): 11.2 ppg
TOT: -5.9

This is obviously not what my comment centered on. It's the bolded stuff: Why did some of them become useful NBA players and others got scrub roles? If the NBA vs Euroleague relationship was as linear as you make it sound, why didn't double figure NBA scorers stand out in the Euroleague more than NBA scrubs/bench warmers?
To put it another way, there's a big difference between a -17 and a -5 margin.
Not to mention, again, that multiple players with NBA impact failed to do what NBA scrubs or NBA rejects managed to do.

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