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Default Re: Redskins now gonna be the Bravehearts?

Originally Posted by knickballer

Who gives a shit? I can't stand all the press this issue receives because it's a god damn sports franchise. There's nothing even racist about the name Washington has used but people like you just argue for the sake of it.

Just because they named their franchise the Redskins it doesn't correlate to the killing of native americans.. Only liberals like you will twist the name and give it a impractical meaning.

If anything just name the team "Skins" kinda like how the Tampa Bay Rays.
Redskins is a slur. They weren't using it as a slur but it is a slur. Why would the NFL want one of their team names to be a slur?

Is it a huge deal? No. But that doesn't mean it should be ignored and left alone forever. I'm not feeling the argument that a football team's name HAS to be left a slur because it's fans will miss it too much.

Essentially if it's such a "who gives a shit" thing, then you change the name.

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