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Default Re: Is Steve Smith a HOFer?

Originally Posted by Carbine
**** no.

Very insightful answer.

Smith's numbers to date: 804 receptions, 11,787 yards, 66 TDs, 14.7 average in 13 seasons (174 games played)

Tim Brown: 1094 receptions, 14,934 yards, 100 TD, 13.7 AVG in 17 seasons (255 games played)

Mind you Smith's career isn't over yet. One season of his career has he had a QB that made it into the pro-bowl I believe (Steve Buerlein). Smith is one of the best playmaking receivers of all-time, especially in his prime. One of the best yards after catch receivers. His numbers are impressive despite never actually having an elite QB.

I believe Tim Brown is a definite HOF receiver, yet Smith's numbers are just as good.

Brown: 4.29 receptions/game, 58.56 yards/game, 0.39 TD/game, 13.7 AVG
Smith: 4.62 receptions/game, 67.74 yards/game, 0.38 TD/game, 14.7 AVG

Brown's top 3 seasons:

1) 1408 yards
2) 1344 yards
3) 1342 yards

1) 104 receptions
2) 91 receptions
3) 90 receptions

1) 11 TD
2) 10 TD
3) 9 TD

Smith's top 3 seasons:

1) 1563 yards
2) 1421 yards
3) 1394 yards

1) 103 receptions
2) 88 receptions
3) 87 receptions

1) 12 TD
2) 8 TD
3) 7 TD

Smith is also only 5'8, and one of the toughest receivers we've ever seen play this game. Guy is a terrific route receiver, great playmaker and a deep threat. He was amazing in EVERY post-season appearance. I still remember watching Carolina play Chicago and he absolutely destroyed them by himself. So he steps up in big games, unfortunately, he played his entire career for a very mediocre franchise without having a chance to play with a Peyton Manning, Tim Brady, or even Tony Romo caliber Qbs. I think he has done exceptionally well with what he had. Plus, he is a great leader on the field and could have asked Carolina to trade him a long time ago; but he's a team player and is very loyal. Gotta respect those qualities.

I can see Smith playing 3-4 more years after this season and he'll accumulate numbers close to Brown's if he's healthy (and he's rarely injured). So I don't know why you were so quickly to dismiss his place in history?
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