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Default Re: Redskins now gonna be the Bravehearts?

Originally Posted by knickballer

Who gives a shit? I can't stand all the press this issue receives because it's a god damn sports franchise. There's nothing even racist about the name Washington has used but people like you just argue for the sake of it.

Just because they named their franchise the Redskins it doesn't correlate to the killing of native americans.. Only liberals like you will twist the name and give it a impractical meaning.

If anything just name the team "Skins" kinda like how the Tampa Bay Rays.
i have already said that I dont think people in 2013 use the name redskins, and mean any harm. Most people are probably ignorant of the horrific crimes our government and previous white governments have committed on native americans. Everything from forced assimilation, forced removal from their homelands and placing them on reservations, breaking treaties, even sterilization policies. the american government even ordered railways constructed specifically to transport our soldiers to hunt bison till extinction, in an attempt to remove a resource from the natives.

George Washington ordering the Gnadenhutten massacre
The Indian Removal Act of 1830 causing the trail of tears
Andrew Jackson and his policies towards natives.

The list is almost endless.

Although during the 19th century western scholars estimated the pre-columbian native population at about 10 million people, modern scholars with more advanced anthropological evidence now believe that the number is more accurately 50 million people with some anthropologists arguing that the population was over 100 million people.

people don't realize how badly europeans ****ed over native americans.

the bolded part just shows your ignorance of our history. Redskins is the racist slur for native americans. It just is, our history and the origin of that term is what makes it racist. Not anything I do.

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