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Default Re: Euroleague Scoring Champion List

Originally Posted by Iceman#44
Of course, leading any league in scoring mean that you are one of the best of that league. You cannot be a scrub and leading at the same time your league in scoring.

Also, about X-Man and Tarpley: Tarpley actually destroys European Cup competition, leading the league both in scoring (26 ppg) AND rebounds (15 rbs) during 1993 season. Next year he average 21 ppg+13 rbs playing for Olympiakos. And this was 3 years after his last NBA game.
He come back in the NBA for 94-95 season, scoring 12 ppg.

Xavier McDaniel? He was 34 years old, coming from an 8 ppg season with Boston. Then he scores still 18.4 ppg+8 rebounds in Euroleague, #5 in boards x game.

European Cup was a different league genius.
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