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Default Re: Euroleague Scoring Champion List

Originally Posted by Iceman#44
Of course, leading any league in scoring mean that you are one of the best of that league. You cannot be a scrub and leading at the same time your league in scoring.

Also, about X-Man and Tarpley: Tarpley actually destroys European Cup competition, leading the league both in scoring (26 ppg) AND rebounds (15 rbs) during 1993 season. Next year he average 21 ppg+13 rbs playing for Olympiakos. And this was 3 years after his last NBA game.
He come back in the NBA for 94-95 season, scoring 12 ppg.

Xavier McDaniel? He was 34 years old, coming from an 8 ppg season with Boston. Then he scores still 18.4 ppg+8 rebounds in Euroleague, #5 in boards x game.

The surest bet is that if you lead a league in scoring, you are definitely among the best players of your team. Your team however may be the laughing stock of the league and you may not be that special in the wider picture.
European Cup was significantly weaker than Euroleague, although the same rules apply. McDaniel and Wilkins not leading the EL in scoring while a worse NBA player and scorer did is another example of the relationship between NBA scorers and EL scorers not being linear.
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