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Default Re: 2013-2014 Observation Deck

My goodness did McAdoo look terrible in the Blue-White game. I don't understand his game at all. It physically hurts me to watch him play. I have a stomachache right now because of him.

I understand that he wants to face up as that's what he will likely need to do to carve a role in the NBA, but he just can't play that way. The guy has the worst touch on a shot I have ever seen and he always seems off balanced. I swear he was going to break the backboard a few times. His handle looks slightly improved and he seems more assertive with his decisions... Unfortunately his decisions are awful ones. I think he's the most infuriating basketball player I have watched in in the Roy Williams era. Either him or Larry Drew, and that should say all I need to say. At least I knew, at most, Drew would be an average college player. McAdoo could be a great one if his game wasn't going in the wrong direction.

The freshman looked better than advertised. Isaiah Hicks seems to be everything McAdoo wants to be. He can actually handle, he has actual touch on his shots, he just looks really good... Not sure where his playing time comes from, all I know is that he needs a lot of run. Britt bringing speed back to the Carolina PG position and Meeks is a load. He will be a double digit rebounder before it's all said an done.

PJ is far and away the best player on this team. UNC will probably lose to Richmond without him. He's that good and the rest of the team is that average.

Thank God 2014 is a great class, 2015 has potential, and 2016 is lining up to be an alltimer. Last and this year is Roy paying for his California recruiting mistakes.
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