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I think he's just a signing bonus for JR's contract. Now if he's here come December or January, then I'd be worried. Outside of that, I wouldn't fuss too much lol. BTW, Shannon Brown is about to get cut after that Wizards/Suns trade. We were rumored to be interested in him damn near every offseason. He wouldn't be a bad pickup. I;m sure he'd have to clear waivers and all that. Additionally, I think Isaiah Canaan is going to get cut simply because there are far too many guards on Houston for him to ever get playing time.

I'm not sold on either Prigioni or Murry. Just a thought.

More importantly, we need another big. Amare and Bargnani are just atrocious on the boards and defensively. Cole Aldrich is decent but he's a stiff to me.
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