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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!


Best-case: The offseason departure of Utahís veterans opens the floodgates for Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward and Enes Kanter to thrive.

Worst-case: A season goes by without much substantive player development.

For Utah, the worst-case possibility is extremely remote. This will be a losing season for the Jazz, but a learning season. Kanter and Favors, in particular, will have a chance to claim more minutes and more responsibility, an opportunity for both players to grow into their games.

Favors, for his part, very much needs to become more comfortable with the ball in his hands. Heís a good finisher and does well to convert off rebounds, but last season he wanted no part of anything that would require his own shot creation. Thatís a bit of a problem. Being able to catch the ball and make simple plays without panicking is essential to becoming a high-functioning NBA big man, and yet last season Favors never seemed to know where to go when temporarily in control.

Kanter, on the other hand, could very much use the defensive reps. Heís a bit slower than Favors, which is part of the reason why Kanter doesnít project the same kind of gaudy defensive potential. That makes it all the more important for Kanter to be intimately familiar with the specifics of defensive rotation and the timing of defending in space ó both of which can only be gleaned through experience.
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