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Default Re: Redskins now gonna be the Bravehearts?

Originally Posted by KingBeasley08
Funny thing is only annoying white liberals are butthurt by the team name. Actual native americans don't give a shit. Good thing Snyder isn't budging

You sound like Rick Reilly
"Native Americans dont care, my native american father in law who is a leader thinks they should keep the redskin name.

Than his father in law:

"I am not an uncle tom, redskins is a slur, I want to be clear that I want them to change the name".
Let me be clear: The racial slur “redskins” is not okay with me. It’s never going to be okay with me. It’s inappropriate, damaging and racist.
Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwor...-banned-151696
-rick reilly's father in law.

There are a ton of native american tribes and individuals that have complained publicly and formally about the fact that an NFL team uses what they consider (and was historically) a slur against their demographic group. There of a ton of native american groups that have petitioned the NFL and the washington redskins to ban the redskin name. They have spent money on lawyers and other fees to prepare their petitions. Seems they care.

Edit: you like rick reilly actually mean: "redskins doesnt offend me so it is not offensive".

Good thing Snyder isn't budging
rumor has it he already is evaluating other names. Publicly of course he needs to hide that, as his rabid fan base will crucify him. He needs to make it look like Goodell forced the name change on him and he had no choice.

he needs to pacify his base.
"that bastard goodell and the NFL forced me to change the name. I wanted to keep the redskin name, dont blame me"

Originally Posted by knickballer
lol, thought the same thing. I probably would have been called a racist though
It doesn't make you a racist to believe that. Just ignorant of the formal position of many native american tribes and people.

Just FYI, but southern white leaders found tons of black americans that they got one way or another to publicly state their support for segregation back in the day. So a few individuals that the billion dollar franchise that is the redskins found parade around in support of their name isnt surprising.

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