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Originally Posted by Heavincent
The Last of Us is still quite easily the GOTY imo.

Also, I'd look out for Killzone: Shadow Fall if you're getting a PS4. It looks incredible. Might be a late entry in the GOTY conversation.

I'm going with Last of Us for GOTY. Yeah it was a little short, But it's also the first game that's shook me like it has. First game I've ever been so scared I just started running in circles - being in the basement of that hotel by yourself.

And when that black kid died and the events following, I was like... Damn. Like the fact you knew he was turning but there's nothing you can do about it. And Tess as well. Just damn. I honestly sat there quite, or the whole ordeal with David... Or the events at the school or through the suburbs or sewer.

So many great moments, too many to name. Just the whole game.

Nothing in GTA V had me sitting watching & playing intently, perhaps maybe only on the heist through the burning building.

I can't really say anything about Killzone, Didn't really like the earlier ones, so haven't looked into this one.
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