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Default Re: 2013-2014 Observation Deck

Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum, and Seventh Woods right now.

There's also two elite guards in North Carolina, Junior Smith and Kwe Parker. They're likely a package deal, though, and I'm not sure how many Roy is looking at for 2016. Think they grew up together, same aau, same high school, best friends, etc. I don't know if you seen Kwe before, but he's not far behind Seventh as an athlete. Probably about the same type of bounce, just not as powerful. There's also Braxton Blackwell to keep an eye on. He's Coach Rob's nephew.
Parker and JR. have crazy chemistry. I know they like UNC little, just not sure how much Roy likes them.

Recruiting Dozier should help with Seventh and Giles as all three of those are tight. Obviously Theo and Giles played together at Wesleyan as well. Not sure where we stand Seventh overall, although I heard we have a good start with Tatum. Giles is the interesting one.

Giles was looking like a generational talent before his injury. Telep said as much, you had Roy, K, and Cal using valuable recruiting time watching a freshman workout (which was unheard of), and for speculation, someone said they overheard Roy say Giles is the best freshman he has ever seen. True or not, there's a reason why he's the youngest player Roy has offered.

Naturally you have to think he's a one and done type of player. The type of player UNC has had an unbelievably difficult time recruiting ever since Harrison Barnes. Had a chance at Shabazz, Vonleh, Wiggins, Randle, and now likely Vaughn... All will probably choose another school. It's not completely on Roy or UNC (Bazz's father, Vonleh reclassified, Vaughn's connection to Kaffey), but it's still some incredible dry spell at a program like North Carolina. Especially with Shabazz, Randle, and Vaughn being Roy's #1 targets respectively in each class. Although Roy stopped recruiting Shabazz mid way. The Randle one still annoys me how we didn't even make his final cut. I know he did it out of respect for Roy not to keep him hanging. It still bothers me.

Then there's UNC's history with recruiting North Carolina kids. When was the last time UNC (not just Roy) went all in on an elite North Carolina recruit and lost? Shavlik Randolph to dook. That was like 2000, or around there. When was the last time an elite North Carolina recruit left the state of North Carolina when they were a top target for an instate school? Not Quincy Miller, not John Wall, and not Brandon Rush. Those guys either weren't recruited or were afterthought recruits for one reason or another. And Coach Smith owned the state and that was in the middle of K's peak, since we are going into the 90s. It's probably been decades.

If history follows suit, then that makes this a dook-UNC battle. Getting Theo might prove to be very beneficial in more ways than one. Also Giles is from a pro-UNC family, if that matters at all. I wouldn't get my hopes up too high, though. Plenty of time left in this recruitment and, personally, I'm just so skeptical with one and done recruits lately. That said, you probably couldn't ask for a better start for a recruit of this level.
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