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Default Re: I can't wait for next week

Originally Posted by Jameerthefear
you made a thread anticipating the matchup between two mediocre teams?

No. Two of the worse fan bases will be going at it. And besides, will a Philly fan dare to wear his colors at the Coliseum?

What is the worst incident you have witnessed against an opposing fan or yourself at the ballpark?
"Making an apposing fan pee on the wall. They would not let him use the urinal or stalls."
"With a 5-year-old, we were totally surrounded by drunks using "F" bombs the whole game."
"A Raiders fan had a sock full of loose change, used it to club a Broncos fan and knock him out."
"A Raiders fan peed on a Broncos fan who had the courage to pop off and wear his colors into the black hole. I would not recommend that to anybody -- especially a Broncos fan."

Go ahead Philly fan, I dare ya.
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