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Default Re: Jordy Nelson vs Dez Bryant

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
yeah two top-3 ALL TIME Brady and Peyton

I don't think Wes is a product of the system, he is clearly talented, but I don't think he could be doing what Torrey is with the Ravens as the #1 right now.

Wes is really hard to rank to be honest...but I certainly don't think he is a top-10 talent right now...the top-10 consists of freak athlete types like Fitz and Dre, and that isn't what Wes is
I get that your ranking is biased towards potential, but what about actual production.

Welker was first team all pro in 09,11
and second team all pro in 07,08

The guy is doing something right. People when they think of redzone threats, they think of huge WR who can jump out of the stadium, but Welker's actual red zone production is amazing. Im not sure how he does it, but he does it. He scores TDs a lot, not just for a guy his size, but for anyone.
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