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Default Re: Brandon Weeden demoted to back up

Originally Posted by GOBB

Agreed hard to predict season ending record but most of the struggling teams that will draft high need QBs. Atlanta is one team that if they continue to lose could swing a trade given they have Matt Ryan. Just depends who is drafting that high because Cleveland may have an outside shot at a QB.
I think that's the idea at this point, if the Browns do not believe the future starter is on the roster. I have to say, Hoyer did look pretty damn good, but it was just two games. Hard to say exactly what the front office is thinking.

However, it was speculated that one of the reasons for the Trent Richardson trade was to acquire more assets to give them flexibility in addressing the QB position once and for all... Whether it is dealing all those assets to move up in the draft or trading for an established guy (very hard to do because QBs are so important).

Funny thing is, we have some nice pieces. The defense is good pretty much all the way around, the Gordon/Cameron combo is pretty deadly, the line (now that it's healthy) really should be one of the team's strengths. Running back is an issue, but that isn't all that difficult to fix in today's league.

I really think, with good QB play, the Browns would be right in the middle of the playoff mix. It's just... ugh.

Anyway, the Browns have tons of assets in this draft to make a move, if needed. They have 7 of the first 120 picks in the 2014 draft, which is quite a lot.

We have...

2 first rounders (Indy pick)
1 second rounder
2 third rounders (Pittsburgh pick)
2 fourth rounders (Indy pick)
1 fifth rounder
1 six rounder
1 seventh rounder

If there's a guy they really want and there's a team not in desperate need of a QB in the Top 5, that's a lot of ammunition.

And, yes... Weeden was easily one of the worst picks of all-time. That fat slob walrus took a 29-year-old mediocre talent in the first round. The first round. I repeat... in the first round. We could have waited two rounds and had Russell Wilson. Or just taken Tannehill at No. 3 instead of a RB who has already been traded.

You fat piece of trash, Holmgren.

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