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Default 2013-14 Premier League Power Rankings Thread

Week 1 Power Rankings

Ranking | Last Weeks Ranking | Team | Record

1. (0) D.R.A.K.E (0-0-0) -

As the 3-time defending champion, Pete is Numero Uno by default. Going into the season, some expected him to draft poorly due to the fact he is slumming it in Pablo Escobar's home town. He quickly proved those people wrong by grabbing Batum with the last pick in the 2nd round and following it up with a lot of really solid picks. Durant and a nice mixture of high upside players and solid veterans should have this team near the top all year long.

D.R.A.K.E does have its fair share of weaknesses, as he is missing a PG to compliment Conley, and will struggle to compete in the big man stats. Considering he has dominated the league for 3 straight years, expect for those problems to be resolved swiftly.

2. (0) Iamgine (0-0-0) -

Iamgine returns again with the same ol' strategy. This team reminds me more of his elite 2011 team, than his 2012 middle of the road team. Is led by the consistent Chris Paul and has guards and scorers galore. The only thing stopping this team from a guaranteed playoff spot is a very weak bench.

3. (0) Los Angeles Lurkers (0-0-0) -

Last year's Minor League champ came in firing with a very good draft. Some of the picks were risky, but this team is one of the few championship contenders if Rondo comes back soon. Aldridge was a steal and Gasol should have a nice bounce back year without Dwight in there clogging the paint.

4. (0) Keep Floatin' (0-0-0) -

If Westbrook doesn't have any complications from his injury, this is one of the few championship contenders. If he uses the WW properly, this team has a chance to be THE BEST. The most complete team in the league with solid guards,forwards, and centers. You just wonder how good this team could already be, if he hadn't traded Love for Bosh and Ibaka.

5. (0) Big Poppa PUMPIN (0-0-0) -

Stroshow4 Reincarnated! Plenty of people have tried the Dwight Howard strategy but few have succeeded. This team looks like one of the better (tanking) teams. Is very top heavy with only 5 picks in the top 99, but also managed to pick up some solid guys later in Hawes and Reggie Jackson. Might need another solid PG if he wants to turn this playoff team into a championship contender.

6. (0) G-train (0-0-0) -

The very worst team in the 2011-12 Premier League has returned, and is actually off to a surprisingly good start. The team is built more for a ROTO league, but it does has enough firepower to stay in the hunt in a H2H league. Is very weak in the big man categorizes, but has efficient guards. If Curry's glass ankles stay intact, and Kawhi Leonard builds off his performance in the Finals, this looks to be a very solid team.

7. (0) License to LILLARD (0-0-0) -

Oh what could have been. Had a great draft outside of 1 pick. So why 7th? I'll let Sky explain.

"whyd u **** me yahoo draft interface? WHY? i didnt want bynum whyd you trick me, **** YOU. AHHHH !!!!!!! NOOOOOO WHYU!!!! ****KKK"

Andrew Bynum was probably the worst pick of the draft. It's hard to draft someone 69th who not only missed the entire 2012 season, but looked like a crackhead on the sideline. The good news is reports on Bynum are looking good, and if he plays, he will perform. Has a high upside team that could either finish at the bottom, or contend for a championship spot. Considering Kyrie, Andy V, and Bynum are all on the Cavs, he will be watching a lot of Cavs games and hoping none of them fall to an injury.

8. (0) Rameek's Year (0-0-0) -

Rameek auto-drafted AGAIN, but this time lucked out with the Harden and Hibbert picks. Has plenty of players that could be considered crusty with little upside, but could also contend for a playoff spot if those old men stay on the court. Might look for high upside guys on the wire if he wants to raise the ceiling on this team.

9. (0) Sizz (0-0-0) -

If you look at the draft, it seemed like Sizz had one of the better drafts this year. The problem is the construction of the team is piss-poor. Will be good in 3 categories and average/horrible in the rest. Has the talent but will this rarely active manager make the needed moves to contend? Only time will tell. A return to the top for a former elite manager would be a great thing for the league.

10. (0) Overdosed (0-0-0) -

Started the draft strong with high upside/high floor young guys, but then quickly went downhill with more high upside guys with FA floors. Is depending on a lot of rookies and sophomores, so while this team could be great, it could also be one of the worst ever.

11. (0) El Bobcatos 2013 (0-0-0) -

Another first time Premier member, this one has a completely unknown track record. Should keep out of the cellar with Lebron leading the team, but is depending on too many guys with questionable statuses. Will need Jameer and Greivis to keep their jobs on rebuilding teams, and Monroe to stay aggressive on a team with some black holes.

12. (0) Team OJ Mayo (0-0-0) -

This team looks very familiar to last years mediocre team. Has said he would wait to trade until he has seen how his team performs, but currently has 2 PF/C and 3 PF/C slots to fill. You can not win in this league if you are giving away 2-3 games a week. Has the talent with (2) 1st rounders, but will he be able to manage his team properly? History tells us HELL NO!

13. (0) 313 up in this bich (0-0-0) -

Attila returns with a very "meh" team. Is not strong in any category, but is at least average in almost every category. Very low ceiling team that will need for Tobias Harris to replicate his late season play if he wants to sniff the playoff hunt. Might have drafted Paul George a little early, as it's tough to envision him playing better than his 20th place ranking last season.

14. (0) Sponsored by Cuban (0-0-0) -

Choosing his family over the draft hurt this team quite a bit. Had a solid 1st pick with Melo, but then drafted quite a few guys that are either injured, or due for some regression. Hard to see a lot of upside with this team, but it does have the talent to move up to middle of the pack. Guys like Amir, Asik, and Redick will need to show that last year was not a fluke.
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