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Default Re: The NBA starts tomorrow!!!!

The top half of the East is real legit this year. Obviously there's the 2 time defending champs Miami. I don't think they really added anyone noteworthy just more bench/role guys but they of course still have the best player in the NBA and his 2 sidekicks.

The Bulls got a lot more legit with Derrick Rose coming back as if they weren't pretty legit already.

The Nets are now a championship contender with the moves they've made.

The Pacers are always dangerous and if at any point Granger gets back and plays to form and Roy Hibbert returns to what at one time had people calling him a top 3 Center in the NBA.

New York I still think is hovering around that 4th or 5th spot.

That's already 5 legit playoff locks (barring injury).

Then there's teams like ATL, Charlotte, Cleveland, Washington, Milwaukee and Detroit who you know are gonna be scrappy hard nosed teams battling at that 8 spot.

And I think we fall towards the bottom half of that 2nd category. I think we have enough talent for an 8 seed but will most likely end up in the 10 or 11 spot again.
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