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We were an attack offense last year, lots of intermediate and deep throws. This does not correlate to easy throws or a high completion percentage. His INT Rate was 2.9 percent, to compare Brees career rate is 2.6.....Russell's was 2.5 percent last year.....Dan Marinos was 3 percent for his career.

We put the whole offense on his shoulders, with half the weapons as rookies and a line that was as bad as it got in the NFL.

This style of offense we're running now is more friendly in these regards. It's why his interceptions are down. We're asking him to do way less attacking and instead making easier throws.

If you honestly think his passer rating last year was more accurate to his level of play than you have no clue. He was not anywhere close to the 26th best quarterback. He wasn't anywhere near the level of play of Gabbert. Or Brandon Weeden. Or Ponder.
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