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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

Alec Burks:

F: Burks' failure would come from missing shots. He needs to score points. If he can't make a shot, then he can't succeed. Shooting in the low 30-percent range from behind the arc and scoring under 10 points is simply a failure.

D: Scoring 12 points per game would net him this grade. If he does nothing more than score more than 12 points per game on a fairly consistent basis, then he will have an OK season. He has the ball a lot with the second unit and should easily score 12.

C: Four rebounds and four assists would merit this grade. The second unit has nothing on it. Burks needs to get more than just points. He talks about being aggressive and needs to do it without scoring.

B: Being consistently near his average would earn him this mark. Burks averaged seven points per game last season, but it was two points one night then 12 the next or four points then 15. Whatever his average is next year, he just needs to keep the night-to-night total close to it.

A: Averaging 18 points per game would get him the top grade. Again, the team needs someone to score. He is a scorer and a fantastic season would be 18 points per game and being the guy when he is on the court.

He will score points. I think the big thing is being able to do his thing within the offense.
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