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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

Rudy Gobert:

F: The 7-foot-2 rookie from France can only fail if he doesn't play. As the other rookie this year, getting on the court is a success for him.

D: For this grade he would need to play 15 minutes per game. Last year Kanter got around 15 minutes per game, and if Gobert does nothing more than take up space for 15 minutes, he will have a passing season.

C: Don't foul out. This is more than just getting six fouls per night. He needs to get into good habits and keep his fouls PER-36 low. Favors couldn't do that, but Gobert might be able to learn during his rookie year.

B: Six rebounds per game would net him this grade. Assuming he gets those minutes; the giant doesn't need to do much to get rebounds. Six rebounds is actually a pretty good number, but he got six rebounds in 15 minutes in the preseason.

A: Three blocks per game would land this grade. That is a lot of blocks, and only one player averaged that last year, but Gobert has that skill set to blow people away. This would be nothing short of a phenomenal season, but that is how players earn A's.

I think it's ok if he gets his minutes in the D-league and if he gets fouls if he he's only playing a few minutes a game in the NBA.
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