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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!


Jeremy Evans: When Evans plays he produces. If he can play more than 60 games it will show that he is improving. He could become an asset off the bench.

Needs to prove he can be a rotation player. Already know he is a good end of the bench energy guy.

Ian Clark: He won't play much, but if he can shoot better than 35 percent from 3-point range, he will have a shot to remain with the Jazz long-term.
He's probably gone in a couple months if he doesn't impress.

Brandon Rush: He brings a lot to the table, but his greatest asset is his shooting. If he gets shoots 40 percent from beyond the arc, the trade will be a success.

Keeping Marvin off the floor would be success.

Marvin Williams: Williams isn't suited for the Jefferson sit-and-shoot offense. Williams can slash and get to the rim. He won't have a ton of chances, but when he gets them they will be easy. He will need to convert and shot 45 percent from the field.

If he can show enough for them to unload him he will be successful.

Andris Biedrins: Don't foul out. There isn't much expected from Biedrins this year. As long as he can stay in the games when he gets his chance to spell the starters, he'll be OK.

If he can show anything at the offensive end again he will be a huge success.

Jamaal Tinsley: Average 18 minutes per game. Tinsley is going to have to spell Burke during tough stretches. If he can do what he did last year, it will all be good for the man known as "Mel Mel the Abuser."

I like him but ideally he's a 3rd pg at this stage and on this team unfortunately they have another 3rd pg in Lucas(maybe Clark too).

John Lucas III: Averaging four assists per game would earn him a passing grade. The Jazz brought Lucas in to backup and teach Burke how to play. Lucas is a shooter, but he is still the point guard and needs to dish the ball in order to be successful.

Hitting open shots and playing d is more important for him.

Mike Harris: Harris was somewhat of a surprise in making the team, and playing in 10 games with a lot of youth needing playing time would help Harris.

Give them quality minutes when he gets the call which could happen in game 1 with only 4 bigs available.
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