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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

Team overall:

F: For this grade the Jazz would need to finish somewhere in the middle. If the Jazz win 35-40 games and land somewhere in the area of 10-13 in the draft, this season is just a failure.

D: Losing the lottery. If the Jazz don't win a lot of games and fail to grab a top-five pick in the lottery, it will be hard to paint this in a pretty light. There are good players in the draft from 6-10, but not superstars.

C: Just making the playoffs. If the Jazz just make the playoffs as an eight-seed with 40-43 wins, it will be a good season, but fans won't be happy.

B: Winning the games they should win, which isn't a lot. The Jazz are not a great team on paper, but if they can win the games they should win, then it will give hope for the future and give the Jazz a shot at a star in the draft.

A: The extremes would need to happen to earn this grade. The Jazz need to either win a lot of games including playoff games and have all the players earn A grades or they would need to lose a lot of games and get the superstar to make them a contender for years. This is either more than 50 wins or less than 27 wins. Most likely it will be the latter.


The Jazz won't win a lot. They are very talented, have a lot to prove and aren't that deep. This will be a lot of fun to watch these kids grow, fight and struggle.

Prediction: 27 wins.

Compete at home. Win road games against the few teams they will have a chance against.
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