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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I still haven't hopped online yet. I'm attempting to 100% the single player. I must say, searching for letters, parts, and stunt jumps provides another level of depth to the world the storyline had no chance of fully revealing. It's been pretty fulfilling wandering the various landscapes never crossed during the story (ex: the muddy reservoir) and chilling and exploring. There's just so much out there to be discovered and appreciated.

I totally agree. I've spent a ton of time doing that sort of stuff instead of doing missions, which is how I wound up so not far along as it is.

I've done pretty good finding the stunt jumps. I've only gotten a few of the documents and ship parts though.

There's a rediculous stunt jump outside the airport below the drop off ramp on the grass. It's a billboard, but it's a straight quarter pipe that goes straight vertical.
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