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Default Re: All time comparison: Megatron v. Moss v. TO

Originally Posted by steve
The one issue I have with Moss isn't that he was never a great possession receiver. Especially the era he played in, if you needed him to carry an offense (grab several passes just to keep the chains moving), he wasn't necessarily up to the task all the time. There may not have been a better receiver at being able to break the game than Moss and I think if he existed in the '70s, he would've been hailed as some sort of god receiver because there might not have been a better downfield threat in NFL history.

That's where I get to with Calvin Johnson though. With his physical abilities (size and speed) coupled with his fundamentals, there really hasn't been a receiver like him before. Rice was an amazing route runner and the consummate perfectionist and Moss was just an innately gifted receiver, but Johnson has shown the ability to combine both those traits to a certain extent. There's a reason why he's on pace this season to be only third receiver in history to gain over 100 yards per game during a season (behind Lance Alworth) and why he's tied for 4th all-time in receptions and comfortably holds the record for most receiving yards in a season.

He already did that last year, didn't he?
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