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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

Last year he dealt with the waning days of the Jefferson-Millsap era, knowing neither would be with the team this season.

he knew?

Now he is directing the growth period as the Jazz rebuild with young players.

On one hand, it’s hard to imagine other coaches doing better under the circumstances. Corbin’s win-loss record is identical (87-89) to the first 176 games of Sloan’s Hall of Fame career. But only five current NBA coaches have been at their job longer than five years. There were 13 coaching changes last season, including one involving the league's Coach of the Year, George Karl.

In that sense, Corbin’s security is tenuous.

The Jazz are predictably tight-lipped on his status, but the devil is in the details. He hasn’t received a contract extension and this is the final year of his deal. Asked how he’ll evaluate his success, he said, “It will be all over the board. I evaluate myself and where we are differently than everybody else does. I want to make sure we’re growing.”

General manager Dennis Lindsey reiterated his policy of not discussing contract situations of either players or coaches.

“I’ll say this,” Lindsey said. “We’ve all set benchmarks of how all of us will be judged.”

Three of those benchmarks, he said, will be defense, developing talent and showing discipline. The latter, he added, is expected of both players and management.

It's likely the Jazz are a 25-win team. They have no guaranteed scorers, uncertainty at point guard and — as much as management likes to reference the 2004 Detroit Pistons or the current Indiana Pacers — no proof they can be a superstar-less success.

Although a high draft pick next year would benefit the Jazz in the long run, they insist they aren’t tanking this season.

Or course they are!

Neither Corbin nor Lindsey will say how many wins qualify as a good year. But it seems simple enough from the outside looking in: They need to make the playoffs.

Less than that and it’s just more of the same.

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Playoffs? What are you smoking? I think he could lose his job mostly because Lindsay has obviously made this his team. Got rid of almost all the players.
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