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Default Re: The season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

Posted on October 29, 2013

by David Locke

This week Kevin Durant sat down for a long form interview with Oklahoman writer Darnell Mayberry. In the interview he shared how his approach to the game has changed over the years.

The first paragraph below struck a cord when put in the context of where Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Alec Burks and Enes Kanter stand in there careers.

But, first coming into the league, I was a little confused because itís so many great teams every night. It was no cupcake games like it was in high school and college. Every night, you got to come to play because these are great players. They were all something coming in. And my thoughts coming into the league was, of course, to win, but once I got on the court it was to establish myself. Thatís what I thought. Grow as a player and then worry about that.
But now, Iíve played in the All-Star Games; Iíve scored 30 points, 40 points before; had a triple-double before. I feel individually, like stats and stuff, I feel like I did my job with that and I established myself. But itís about winning championships, and the first thing I got to get out of my head is ĎI.í Itís like, ĎI want to win a championship.í Itís not about that because one guy doesnít win it, two guys donít win it, three guys donít win it. So itís about the whole team, the whole organization winning a championship.Ē

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