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Default Re: GAME THREAD: Season Opener, Bulls vs. Heat

Originally Posted by Rose
I think Jimmy's gonna grow into being a solid backcourt partner for him. The Dumars to Rose's Zeke. That layup miss was shitty but I mean LeBron missed one in the first so it's not the be all end all

Rose needs to not be hesitant to recruit if he wants to win. Being the alpha isn't something he has to worry about. He's still top 5 in the NBA. But there's no other legit all star on the roster. We're gonna be the 2010s version of the 00s Mavericks if someone isn't brought in.

Start working on Love, Melo (lol), somebody. Because nobody else can create their own shot. I mean shit Nate was at least good at that.

Hell trade Deng and all the other assets for somebody, anybody!
Not this [recruitment] thing again....Rose is not that type of guy. We need a GM that can recruit because that's not Rose's M.O or his job.
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