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He rides it track and street or its dedicated track?
Originally Posted by knickscity
Absolutely, alot of work was put in, he only races now.

I doubt things are etched in stone. Just because he doesnt do what you want means he's the dumbest coach in the world. It does make some sense that MWP starts. MWP and Melo can be interchangeable on the offensive and defensive end based on the match ups. I still think things will be fluid until JR comes back. It's early season tinkering.
Originally Posted by el gringos
Just because Woodson does something doesn't mean he is right. Woodson is the dumbest coach in the nba and will be the downfall of this team.

Woodson improperly uses Carmelo. But it's not like he's jut using Carmelo wrong. He also uses jr, Felton, chandler, and it looks like Bargnani wrong as well.

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