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Default Re: GAME THREAD: Season Opener, Bulls vs. Heat

Originally Posted by Undisputed
See? I hate to sound like I'm trolling, but the Bulls will be the Heat's b*tch until they have a serious team. I'm supposed to believe a group consisting of Dunleavy, Jimmy Butler, Deng, and Boozer are going to challenge the Heat in the play-offs? Yeah right. Scraps do not beat great teams.
Boozer, in my opinion, has jumped to #2 on my Bulls list. He is the only player we have that can score around 20 with a good fg% on a consistent basis.

I'm so upset at Deng and his 4 points that idk what to do. He just bricks shot after shot and doesn't offer much by way of playmaking. It's maddening.

I was one of the first people to say they weren't as high on Jimmy Butler than others. He can't handle particularly well, doesn't elevate for layups/finish strong, and doesn't seem like a difference maker overall--just a space saver until we find a better option. There will be rookies that are far beyond him offensively at SG this year.
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