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Default Re: GAME THREAD: Season Opener, Bulls vs. Heat

Boozer looked good when we were blown out.

But his only contributions when the game was scoreboard close in the fourth was I think 2 rebounds, and a putback.

Jimmy had a solid game during the blow out portion as well, but had a couple nice steals in the 4th. The best part of Jimmy's game that no one seems to realize is he's already good at getting to the line (hell he has been since his first game) Which showed last night. Had more than Rose even.

Rose's three selection is still baffling at times. He still needs to realize that he doesn't need to take 3 in a quarter unless he's actually hit one. 1-7 overall? Stop it at 4, you're not a guy who heats up after misses from downtown. (until proven otherwise) And more importantly half of his shot attempts SHOULD NEVER EVER come from downtown. EVER.
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