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Default Re: GAME THREAD: Season Opener, Bulls vs. Heat

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Not this [recruitment] thing again....Rose is not that type of guy. We need a GM that can recruit because that's not Rose's M.O or his job.
Because, that worked really well in 2000, and even better in 2010.

You want to see a winning team you recruit. You don't get a second star now unless you hit it big in the draft (which only OKC and SA have done really well the last couple decades) or you buddy it up. It's that simple.

The only real recruiter GM is Riley if you believe that they didn't decide to join up in 08. Every other buddied up team did it themselves. Melo+Amare. Harden+Dwight (although there was a lot of Morey basically advertising his soul for Dwight for 18 months) The Mavericks with Dirk and Kidd. The 08 C's. It's just how the NBA works now. Is it what he's supposed to directly do? No. He's paid to play and win games. But if he wants to win he has to do it. The next couple years feature so many talented guys that NOT doing it is as stupid as drafting three point guards in the first round.

Nobody but Kobe over the last 15 years has wanted to play in Chicago that was a star. The "shadow" still looms now. And it will until the Bulls win another ring.
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