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Default Re: GAME THREAD: Season Opener, Bulls vs. Heat

miami 11 - 20 3 pointers Bulls 7 - 28 3 pointers. thats the only difference. IT wasnt lebron was too much... It was simply that Miami went HAM on the 3 pointers. when teams go loose on 3s bulls never win. especialy when we cant even shoot 30% on 3s...
OF course you could say this say that. But i still feel we are good enough.

First mistake was THIBS putting a rookie on Lebron... THat cost us like 8 points.
Second we missed Alot of WIDE OPEN 3 pointers. No excuse for that.... Other than that we did pretty good. and i expect that home court advantage had some sort of factor in this.
You could see in bulls players faces they were embarased and nervous. when that happens the rim sorta just closes on you. I am a good shooter myself and some days the rim just closes and there is not much you can do about it. Confidence is very big for good shots. Miami players were relaxed and doing well.

Last thing i would like to mention _WE DRAFTED NORIS KOHL.... WHY THE HELL DID WE TRADE HIM
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