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Default Re: All time comparison: Megatron v. Moss v. TO

All of these guys have SUPERIOR 'Wow' factor.

While Owens may not have had the more pure athleticism as Johnson and Moss, he was such a natural FOOTBALL player that he outran guys all the time. That year in Philly he dominated so much, when it MATTERED (not junk stats like some of Calvin's in lost games) that it was one of the greatest seasons to watch.

What he did in Dallas was phenom as well a couple of those years. He peak impressive seasons still was the one in Philly before the wheels fell off

I think Calvin willl end up going down as the most impressive receiver EVER, stats be damned.

Moss had shortcomings as a player when in between the hashes and TO could not go up and get the ball like Calvin.

Calvin does it all and I don't think he will be the greatest just because he is playing currently in a pu$$y defense league (thanks modern NFL).

Calvin Johnson goes over the middle, moves the chains by using his large frame and can jump straight up and give DBs no chance when the throw is even decent.

It's like he was made in an NFL factory.

Moss was spectacular outside the numbers, better than anyone but he wasn't all around great at every aspect of his craft.

Basically, I guess what makes Johnson better is mental i.e. humility and willingness to do any of the dirty work when called upon, on top of having ONE of the greatest measurables in football than ANY athlete in any sport.

Lebron James
Bo Jackson
Calvin Johnson

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