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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

Strong effort from the Jazz tonight. The second half defense was terrific. They held the #2 team in the NBA offensively last year to just 84.6 pts per 100 possessions.

Not # 2 without Westbrook.

The defensive rebounding was the key they grabbed 20 of 22 potential defensive rebounds in the 2nd half. Rotations were great and the Thunder looked to wear down.
The well-travelled Mike Harris battled Kevin Durant every step of the way tonight. Harris came in due to foul trouble and injuries and took advantage. He has a ton of experience and life experience that makes him unflustered in a big moment. He has played all over the globe and just tried to hang on in the NBA. Tonight he battled defensive and made some shots.
Alec Burks scored 19 points in the second half and I don’t think he made an outside shot. He drove the basket got 7 free throws and found ways to create offense for a team that needs the offense.

As I've said he and Kanter and maybe eventually Burke are the guys they should be leaning on to score. Hayward will be best creating for himself and others rather than trying to be a go to guy.

Gordon Hayward had to try to match Kevin Durant tonight and it was a tough task. He got into foul trouble, air balled two shots in the 4th quarter and with a good look three to tie the game he rimmed out. Hayward finished 4 of 13 shooting. Asking him to be the number 1 option might be tough for Hayward to have a decent shooting percentage.


Kevin Durant took the 2nd most amount of free throws he has ever taken in his NBA career. He dropped 40 for the 28th time in his NBA career.
Ron Boone, Thurl Bailey and I are giving out “Jazz Notes” this year. Think of them as helmet stickers.. Alec Burks got 3, two for terrific moves to the basket and one for a super pass in transition to Mike Harris, Mike Harris got one from Boone for his defense on Durant and I gave him one for his overall performance. Thurl Bailey gave the team a Jazz note for the fearless thye played with to open the game and one to Favors for his leadership. Gordon Hayward earned one for his pass to Kanter in the post.
Jazz allowed the Thunder to close the 2nd quarter on a 15-4 run
Jazz had two chances to tie and couldn’t covert and three chances with the game down 3
Ball movement early in the game was terrific – Jazz had 16 assists on 18 field goals in 1st half.

Yes lots of assists. Looks like they are getting back to Jazz basketball after the past 2 plus years of Al ball!

Jazz trailed by 8 heading into the 4th quarter and went two solid surges to get back with a possession.
Favors had a career high 5 assists

But 6 TO's!

Overall very good performance, they got beat by one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Without Durant being out of this world the Jazz grab this game.

Looks like TO's were the difference and Favors and G had almost half of them. If they can clean those up they might be on to something at least at home.
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