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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

Iím really not the person to explain this concept, but physics says that the higher arc on your shot, the greater the force with which the ball will hit the rim, or the backboard, or the hardwood, based on, you know, where you aimed it when you shot it. As you can probably tell, I donít really know what Iím talking about, but I have seen Gordon Hayward shoot a whole metric ton of three-pointers, and man his arc is high, and when he misses, he really misses it. Like, he bricks the crap out of it. The ball flies in every direction, and its sound and impact against the rim almost physically hurts you. The rim vibrates and the waves run down your spine like when you hit a baseball wrong with an aluminum bat. But then when he makes it, itís almost shocking. Itís its own miracle. How could it have made it through that tiny cylinder when it was falling from so high? How did it avoid so many opportunities to veer off course? How could anyone ever make a shot with that kind of arc on it? But he made it. It went in like lightning in slow motion, a blinding kind of flawless. And the net snapped, and the ball landed with all its force, unencumbered and powerful. And it is as beautiful and healing as the miss is ugly and painful. Itís a swish and a clank, a high and a low, Haywardís narrative played out in the arc of his jump shot. Because itís a metaphor. Get it?

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