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Default Re: GAME THREAD: Season Opener, Bulls vs. Heat

I rarely am this cocky, but if you put Rose and Love on the same team, that team will win a championship within 3 years.

I agree that a lot of people are overreacting to one game, but this one game showed exactly why this team can not beat the Heat in 7 games. This team is in need of a mid-season trade. Dengs expiring contract alone would get a load of interest. Interested to see what may happen.

I have no doubts in Rose returning to form. As long as he can play, he will find ways to win. With Reggie Rose getting in that ass this offseason, hopefully that got the Bulls attention. You know damn well Rose is chirping to his inner circle about what he has to play with.

And I have to say this...I am rarely a cocky homer, but if you put Love on the Bulls with Derrick Rose and Thibs coaching, that will win a championship. Without a doubt.

(EDIT: Posted from my android phone, repeated myself at the beginning and end while not realizing it. :) my bad.)

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