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Default Re: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Just finished the main storyline last night on realistic. Every mission was great and very well thought out. I was not a great fan of carrying guys to protection in 2 missions (can't crouch or anything) but I guess they wanted to challenge you. I'm really happy with the direction they took with this storyline too, I've always had a lower opinion of the games where they made Sam Fisher's life a major plot point of the story (Double Agent, Conviction). I think it works better with Sam as a cog in wheel, which is much more realistic. Unless I'm mistaken, in the first three games, the main villains etc have no idea who the hell Fisher is throughout the game. Majid knows who Sam is in this game but it works with the story.

Has anyone done the side missions at all? I started the Grimm side mission on the English channel which looks really good but got caught after finishing 2/3 objectives. I'm thinking I'll play that and sell the game, but I really don't want to sell it...

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