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Default Re: Now that we are halfway done, how bad are your thoughts prior to season?

Surprisingly, I've done fairly well as far as my preseason thoughts are concerned.

I felt certain that Philly, the team I support, was going to be an unmitigated disaster. About the only thing I missed on with them was my prediction to take the under of 3.5 games before Vick got hurt. He squeaked by on that one.

Predicted KC to win 8-10 games and for Reid to be a COY candidate.

Felt SD would be a team that nobody really wanted to play once they got rid of Norv and let Rivers run the show at the line of scrimmage.

Missed by a mile on Houston , but can't imagine I'm alone on that.

Thought Cleveland was on the cusp. Appears I was right about that, just the wrong cusp!
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