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Default The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

Sorry for the tardiness, dont kill me.

Without further delay, we got our first win of the season.

Wasnt pretty in the second half, but the team grinded and did it with defense.

A few things stood out to me......

1)The team came out extremely focused on defense, which absolutely bailed out the offensive woes at times....I will attribute that to 3 defensive minded players in the starting lineup, notably Shumpert Prigioni and Chandler.

2)Woody wasted no time going back to what worked last regular season...two pg's...Shumpert as the wing defender, Melo at the 4 and Tyson.

3) We need this version of Tyson Chandler every night. probably dont get it if we dont feed him the ball, thats sucks imo, but as an owner of several large gotta feed em often if you expect them to guard the house.

4) They didnt settle for threes, they attacked and pushed the pace often...musy keep that up.

5) Melo didnt shoot too well but wound up with a double double, and I liked this mainly because he found ways to be impactful without having to drop 30+, but he definitely helped late in the fourth scoring-wise.

Small note: Kinda sad to hear the boos for Bargnani already, too soon imo.

For me, I'm focused on the next one, Chicago will be a good test to see what these guys are made of.

I do hope we get that 10 minutes from Amare tonite, Boozer cant handle him at all.

And I do hope Chandler holds his ground with Noah.

I guess the marquee matchup will be Rose vs Shumpert

Offensive engine VS The Lockdown

Chicago usually has a way of getting under the Knicks skin, if they can maintain composure, they might actually steal this one.
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