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Default Re: Carson Palmer in ARZ...

Until the day the Bengals win the Super Bowl (IF that ever happens), the 2005 Bengals will always be my favorite squad of all time. That was such a fun team to watch. However, if I'm not mistaken, their final 2 losses of that year is what cost them a first round bye. KC was the final loss, who finished 10-6 that year, so losing that seems somewhat understandable, but losing the prior game to lowly Buffalo is a horrible memory that sticks out.

I look at that 2005 playoff game as one of the most pivotal games in the history of the NFL. One team's fortunes skyrocketed afterwards, to the tune of 2 super bowls and the other's plummeted, as we are still in search of a playoff win. Up until that point, the post 1970s Steelers were known as the team that always choked on the big stage, and the Bengals looked like they had a dynasty in the making. However, even if they win that game, they didn't have the D to shut down Peyton Manning and co. the following week.

As for Palmer, in addition to the knee injury, I think an equally crucial break in his career was him choosing not to have the Tommy John surgery in 2008. Arm strength never recovered.

Despite all this, I still wear his gameday jersey on Sundays sometimes bc I'm too cheap to buy a new one
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