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Default Re: Knick just wasting time with Woodson?

Originally Posted by Rameek
This guy coached the team to a 2nd seed. 50 plus wins. I dont think a coach will get fired for not starting who we like. Woody will be here as long as Melo and Dolan wants.

That being said, I've lost faith in this guy. He has no plan B. Him going small and switching was his masterpiece. That was his ta da moment. He's completely shot his load. He's just grasping at straws at this point. I respect what he's done as a coach, but it's time to move on. He's too stuck in his ways. As I've said before, we need a young, energetic coach who we can grow with. Not this "my way or the highway" crap. You can't try and do the same thing with every team every year, regardless on the personnel. We aren't last year's team let alone the Hawks...and I'm not sure I want to be.
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