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Default Re: Knick just wasting time with Woodson?

Originally Posted by Rameek
This guy coached the team to a 2nd seed. 50 plus wins. I dont think a coach will get fired for not starting who we like. Woody will be here as long as Melo and Dolan wants.
It's not even really just who starts. It's how he takes the lazy way out of everything. These Knicks including or even especially it's best players need coached as much or more than any team in the nba. Carmelo isn't even aware that he is not a perimeter player not is he at his best only in iso. He doesn't realize that his game is inside out- the opposite of Lebron or a Durant

The idea that because his win percentage is so high that it means he is good is so far off. His win percentage is high because of the talent he has. Where woodsons impact really shows is the playoffs and its a negative.

This team would benifit more from a triangle type or some type of inside out offense. Problem is when your coach is so lazy you get the opposite. A pick and role/iso offense

I love this roster. But they aren't smart enough to coach themselves
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