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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

The Jazz could use some help from Brandon Rush & Marvin Williams.

Iím sincerely happy for Mike Harris (13 points in 22 minutes for his Jazz debut), but Iím confused at the praise heís getting for defending Kevin Durant. Yes, Durant had a rough spell in the fourth quarter, going 0-for-4 with two turnovers from the 9:51 mark to 4:01, mostly while being guarded by Harris. But he still scored 15 of OKCís 20 points in the quarter, and nobody should be doing a celebratory dance after a guy goes to the line 24 times, tying a Jazz opponent record for freebies.

The other area where Utah could use from help from their tandem of injured wings is from deep. After a rough preseason from behind the three point line, Utah netted just 27% of its triples last night.

Harris was better than Marvin ever was for the Jazz last year. Maybe better than he's ever been in his career. Rush would be nice though.

4. Derrick Favors & Gordon Hayward will play as much as their foul count will let them.

Corbin seems ready to stick with Favors & Hayward pretty heavily. Favors got 43 minutes against the Thunder and rewarded his coach with a nice do-it-all line of 15 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and a couple of blocks.

Hayward saw significantly less time because of foul trouble, but Corbin played him as much he dared. This was made obvious by the fact that he kept him on the floor with two fouls early, brought him back to end the half despite having three fouls, and inserted him into the fourth-quarter lineup even at the expense of a hot Alec Burks.

Why not go with Burks and Kanter instead of they are going well?

Weíve heard that these two are going to the leaders, and if game 1 is any indication, I think the ďminutes playedĒ column will bear that out.

5. How good Jazz can be will depend a lot on Jamaal Tinsleyís role and Trey Burkeís healthy return.

Thatís a polite way of saying that the Jazz didnít get a ton of encouragement from John Lucas III in the opener. Corbin didnít have a lot of options given that Tinsley is limited by his conditioning; Burks saw a few minutes at point, but right now this team is relying on Lucas as its floor general, and Iím not sure thatís his ideal role.

Iím not anti-Lucas at all, and I actually think he is a nice value pickup if all youíre looking to do is give Burke a back-up that will give the team a different look without really challenging the rookieís minutes (which is what he was hired to do). But the situation has changed now, and I think the team is biding its time until a purer point is available, especially down the stretch.

Lucasí fourth quarter against OKC was pretty underwhelming: 0/2 with 0 assists and a turnover. The team performed better during Tinsleyís short stint, too. It was a 12-point OKC lead when Lucas sat down in the third quarter, and 14 by the time Tinsley took point guard duties from Burks. Over the next 6+ minutes with Tinsley in, the Jazz went on a 15-7 run. When Tinsley handed the reins back to Lucas, the Jazz would come up empty on five of their next seven possessions.

To be fair, Lucas was a net 0 in second-half +/-, which is precisely why extrapolating too much out of a couple isolated stretches is a shaky proposition. But I think for the Jazz to close games effectively, they need either Tinsley or Burke to be ready to serve as floor generals for the bulk of games so that JL3 can return to his role as the change-of-pace bench guard.
They're 3rd pgs. Tank.

6. Rudy Gobert doesnít want to wait.

Raw? Nah.

Gobert only scored a bucket in his NBA debut, but he made his presence felt. He grabbed a rebound for every 3.3 minutes played and, while he came up empty on blocks, he was absolutely a paint deterrent.

Gobert checked in at the 4:10 mark of the third quarter and checked out with 2:58 left in the game. In that 13:12 stretch, OKC did not score in the paint. In fact, OKC only scored 16 points over that 13+ minute stretch Ė 13 points off of jumpers and three points from the line.

Gobert shouldnít get all of the defensive credit, but if the rim defense is that good when heís on the floor, Corbinís going to have a hard time giving the backup center minutes back to Andris Biedrins.

He's raw. I still think when healthy he might be best served playing big minutes at the D-League. Biedrins rebounds and blocks shots too.

7. Utah will have to compete on the glass to compete on the scoreboard.

Enes Kanter had just one rebound at the half and the Jazz were getting a nine-point shellacking thanks in large part to a grundle of second-chance points by OKC. In the second half, Kanter and his peers stepped it up and the Jazz made it close. But Utah isnít going to be good enough this year to win despite giving extra possessions to its opponents.

8. This will be a fun team to watch.

Enough said.
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