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Default Re: Dumars Out The Door?

There's only one reason Joe D went all in with the Smith and Jennings signings. The Pistons have been losing, the fans aren't patient enough, and now his butt is on the line. The best thing for the long term would've been to grab some decent guys on one year deals to fill out the roster. Then try to get one of these top rated guys coming into the draft next year. I still think he would've needed to make the Jennings trade. If you think about it though having Jennings, Monroe, Dre, and another young guy (maybe Parker or Wiggins....) the franchise could've been a contender for years. Right now we'll probably make the playoffs and that will save Joe D's job. The problem is we'll end up with a mediocre pick and it won't even be for this year because that's gone so it'll be next year. So we can't draft a guy to get us to the contending level. Now we have to do it through free agency or a trade. We have no cap space so it has to be a trade. This team is still a player away. Moving Monroe like everyone wants isn't necessarily the answer. The kid is super talented and everyone seems to think Harrison Barnes is equal value, lol. Anyway, to end my rant... He'll keep his job because the team is interesting now but we did really hurt our chances to compete at a championship level in the long run (unless Jennings and Drummond drastically improve and Smith manages to have an outside game which I don't see all of those things happening).
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