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Default Re: Home opener thread

Honestly I feel like Rose trying to shake off the rust hurt. He went 2-9 for the first half for a reason. Then he got warm in the third,which is when the team was pulling away because Boozer was doing well at the same time, there was some good defense and offensive rebounding. Before going ice cold for the next 17:50 Personally I think that the reason why he started out so great in 2011 was he was letting the game come to him. I can't really prove anything except to say he had some fantastic games before he started getting injured that year, but yeah.

Defensively I feel like he's getting there slowly and was definitely better than against Miami, but when guys go around him he gets burned, which is natural. Your ACL is what gives you your lateral motion. So I think that's why his defense has been less than stellar. I think in a few weeks that'll change and he won't get burned by Felton a couple times, or Cole won't break his ankles. He was never very good at defense anyway aside from shot blocking at his position, but right now he's looking like Nash out there.

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