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Default Re: Do you think LeBron James would have been a dominant Football player?

Originally Posted by ALBballer
Well in an interview he said he ran a 4.6 a few years ago which could be an exaggeration but with proper training and a young 21-22 year old Lebron, I think he could of ran easily around a 4.5

The scary thing about him is he has skills of players much smaller than him and he isn't your stereotypical big goof. I think he would of been great.

Football is a much more specialized sport than most sports his body type would only be right for certain positions
I think Lebron would be an amazing receiver, at either tight end or WR.

I think he is too tall to be an effective RB. Its hard for someone 6'8 to get his center of gravity low enough to move the pocket. Eg. Brandon Jacobs is ineffective and guys like ray rice and maurice jones-drew are extremely effective

and he is not bulky enough for offensive line or nose tackle.
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