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Default Re: Dr. J staying classy as ever

Originally Posted by Dr.J4ever
Yes it is in poor taste but lets wait till the book is out. Doc did say he paid a terrible price and defended his daughter. As in life, context is important. If its a chapter where doc lays out in detail his "sins" and then comes clean, maybe it would end up having some moral lesson or redeeming value.
What context could make that level of detail necessary? Why couldn't he just say--if he has to address the circumstance at all--"We were fooling around, didn't mean to have a child but I love my daughter as much as any of my kids" or something like that? This narrative does not require that level of salacious detail. The only reason I can think of to include it is that it's controversial and will generate interest. That's why it was advanced ahead of the rest of the book, including whatever context that would fail to justify including the story. He should not be including that story when he claims to worry about hurting his daughter's feelings. He was not forced to include that, he was not on trial or being interrogated by the police or anything like that. This new, revived controversy was completely avoidable.
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