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Default Re: 2013-2014 Brooklyn Nets Post Game Thread

thanks, mate. i do feel better now.

so yesterday, in the middle of my sleep, i got up to go to the bathroom, slipped on a plastic bag in the dark and cracked my head on the floor. i got over the pain and was pulling myself together when i noticed blood streaming down the left side of my face. seems i cut myself just below the left eyebrow and gave myself a partial black eye and swollen orbital area from where i hit.

just worried about infection at this point, but i don't feel feverish or anything, so it seems okay.

anyway, the plastic bag was laying there because i'd eaten too much spicy food for dinner and got the hiccups while i was trying to sleep. because if you keep breathing in to a bag you'll get a higher mix of CO2 after a little while and it will calm the nervous response of hiccups. anyway, at least that part worked(!)

so in future when people ask me about the scar, i'll certainly have the stupidest explanation ever.
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