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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

Our four young kids played strong games. Hayward equaled his career high in rebounds and assists. Favors had a career high 17 rebounds. Kanter had a 20-10 with 10 offensive rebounds. Burks had a terrific rhythm to his game in the 2nd half. However, they don’t have a lot to support their efforts right now.

Final 5 minutes started with the Jazz up 76-73 – kanter scored a 2 and Favors had a brilliant move. Good recognition by Lucas got Hayward fouled on a fast break and he made 1 of 2 free throws and Hayward hit the three but otherwise the offense couldn’t get a lot late.

Defensively the Jazz put another strong outing on the floor. Defensive rating (anything under 100 is terrific) was 88 in the 1st half and 99 in the second half. The only thing that prevented the Jazz from having a super defensive effort was the lack of defensive rebounding the Jazz allowed 37.5 % of the defensive rebounds to become offensive rebounds for the Suns. That number should not be over 30%.

That was a problem last year too. Biedrins might be able to help there?

Turnovers are going to be an issue all season. Guys are being asked to do things they haven’t done before and it shows with the turnovers. Jazz committed 21 turns tonight turning it over on 22% of their possessions.
John Lucas made his 4th career start, played 31 minutes and had 1 assist. He is being asked to do a huge amount with the Trey Burke injury and the Jazz are at a disadvantage every night at point guard, sizewize, experience and it is tough for John. The dude battles. Did you see him step in front of the bowling ball Eric Bledsoe to try to take a charge late in the game? That is awesome sacrifice.

Again he shouldn't be in the position where he's starting because of an injury. Tank!

Gordon Hayward went 6 of 17. Including pre-season this is 10 games where his shooting numbers are way down with the burden of the offense on his shoulders. Not sure what is a reasonable expectation for Hayward.
Jazz notes tonight – Hayward got one from Thurl Bailey for his leadership and effort coming off the non contract extension. I gave one to Hayward for his transition defense and Ron gave Jamaal Tinsley a Jazz note for the play diving into the Jazz bench to deflect a pass out of bounds

Rudy Gobert who was brilliant on the opener was lost tonight – 7 minutes 4 turnovers

Ian Clark made his NBA debut

Those two need to be down in the D-League once they get some bodies back soon

Want to mention it again. When Alec Burks gets a rhythm he is terrific. He is like a wind up toy and during the wind up part he is tough to watch and then once he is wound up boom he gets into the flow and plays very well. His decision making still needs to develop he may be responsible for most of the new grey hairs we are seeing on Tyrone Corbin.
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