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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

The Jazz can match any offer he receives from another team. Remember when Paul Millsap signed the offer sheet with Portland that everybody labeled "toxic" and wondered how the Jazz could match it? By the end of deal, it was a bargain.

Matthews and Mo would have been too!

The Jazz will have plenty of money to pay Hayward, and maybe it’s healthy that his performance this season and the interest he attracts will help establish his value. There’s risk for both sides, in that sense. The team may end up overpaying for him and the offer sheet may have provisions that enable Hayward to become an unrestricted free agent relatively soon. And Hayward is gambling that he will increase his stock leaguewide — or least with one team that’s willing to pursue him, with no guaranteed hope of landing him.

So these are the questions as of today: How will this development will affect Hayward’s play? How fans should view him?

During a news conference to celebrate Favors’ contract, general manager Dennis Lindsey said the deal showed the Jazz were willing to "pay market prices." So in Hayward’s case, it’s obvious the two sides differed about the player’s value. That happens.

Personally, I wanted Favors to prove more this season, and I thought Hayward would respond better than Favors to the security of a new deal. But the reverse may be true as well. Favors may be motivated enough to keep improving and Hayward is mature enough to not let the uncertainty bother him.

There will be questions all season, starting next week when the Jazz visit Boston — coached by Brad Stevens, Hayward’s former coach at Butler.

Horny would love him too as would pretty much every team I imagine.

Hayward will have to deal with the issue all season, publicly and privately.

Fans naturally will wonder what’s going to happen, and question the commitment of the Jazz and Hayward to one another. But without knowing exactly what happened during the negotiations, it’s probably unfair to blame either side. The reality is that the collective bargaining rules give them another chance to stay together, probably for just as long as if they had agreed to a deal now.

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